We link The Latest scientific insights from research and
mechanical Engineering with full-service performance for
your extraction process. 


Mobile High-Tech Extraction

txe+ GmbH is a German high-tech company specialising in the extraction of biomass, particularly cannabis. We are continuously researching and developing precisely configured solutions for the optimal extraction of the respective plant constituent.

Since 2018, we are fully focused on the development of extraction technology that sets the bar for quality and effectiveness.
We strive to provide high-quality plant extracts our customers. With regard to cannabis extraction, our facility will be able to process up to 1 ton of dried or wet biomass per day in a manner that is GMO-compliant.

We extract your biomass on-site at your location, or at our factory, with our mobile facility.

Precisely formulated products

txe+ works closely with its clients to constantly create a high-quality, full-spectrum extract that can be used to produce cannabis-based products, including for pharmaceutical purposes.

Customers choose txe+ because we are a strictly process- and quality-driven company that stands for producing a pure, reliable, and predictable quality medical grade raw material.

We combined the latest scientific insights from mechanical engineering, process technology, and process management to develop our extraction system.

Our extraction focuses on raw materials of pharmaceutical quality. Our recipes and formulations allow stable and consistent quality that is continuously and automatically monitored during extraction.

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extraction worldwide

extraction in
3-shift operation

1 – 4.8 t/per day


80 – 92% of 
full-spectrum oil

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Non-thermal extraction

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High capacity

Dry and wet biomass