Our quality guarantee

The txe+ process uses no thermal decomposition during the extraction process. This results in a more complete molecular spectrum and greater entourage effect in the final product. Every type of plant requires its own unique “recipe” with regard to solvents, energy requirements, and extraction time.

txe+ can use solvents other than ethanol (e.g., water, CO2, glycerine, plant fats, etc.) in order to create the ideal recipe for our customers.

Because of the many variables that can be configured for our extraction process, product developers can specify the purity and concentration (among others) of the individual components or additives in advance.

This reduces follow-up costs in the formulation of the end product, and results in a full-spectrum extract tailored to the respective needs. It’s a win-win for the creator, manufacturer, and producer.


Full-spectrum oil

80 – 92%









Production process

txe+ has developed scientifically sound and innovative processes for delivering high-quality, full-spectrum extracts (oils) to our customers.

From the initial consultation, to planning the harvest, to extraction, the team at txe+ works with precision, professionalism, diligence, and passion during every stage of the process.

The ability to deliver a defined quality at competitive prices is a challenge for any manner of industrial processing. Our team has overcome this challenge, and abides by a customer-oriented quality guarantee.

Dry biomass

Wet biomass